Ents Crew

These guidelines have been devised in order to maintain a consistent branding image for the Ents Crew.
If you choose to use the Ents Crew name or logo, you should ensure you follow these.


When using our full title, we should be capitalised as University of St Andrews Students' Association Entertainments Subcommittee.
The shortened form is Ents Crew, or simply the Crew, where each word should be capitalised.


Font faces are available for download, for free, for non-commercial use from our Font Archive.

We use two main fonts when portraying our brand image. The first is Base 02.
Base 02 is a font where all glyphs are uppercase, but it's important to use correct capitalisation anyway, as if the font is unavailable on another system the text must still be readable.
This is the main logo font.
Base02 Sample Text

Our secondary font is Birth of a Hero.
This font includes lowercase glyphys, and is thus useful for applications where lowercase lettering in our style is required.
Examples include for the Text/Tweet The DJ display screens.
Birth Of A Hero Sample Text

You may use other fonts for anything other than the logo when creating relevant media - though in general Script typefaces should be avoided.


Both the standard and stacked logo forms are acceptable.
Note that in the stacked form, the text must be center-aligned. Standard and Stacked Logo forms

Black or White colours are preferable:
Black Example
White Example
However, the text may be displayed in any colour, either as complimentary or analogous combinations:
Contrasting Example
Analogous Example

When using image versions of the logo, be sure not to crop out any "flecks" which may be part of letterforms.
Do not add a stroke or outline to the text. Do not bevel or emboss the text.
Only add shadows if this is consistent with the rest of your branding.